DUNES (DUst around NEarby Stars) is a Herschel Key Program that will use the unique photometric capabilities provided by Herschel to perform a deep and systematic survey for faint, cold debris disks around nearby stars. The aim of DUNES is to find and characterize faint exo-solar analogues to the Edgeworth-Kuiper Belt in an unbiased, statistical sample of nearby FGK main-sequence stars.

The DUNES modeling workshop aims at getting together the debris disk modelers of the DUNES team to discuss modeling strategy and tools in anticipation of the Herschel data. The workshop will be held from Monday July 14 through Wednesday July 16 in Jena, Germany. It will be organized scientifically by the DUNES modeling subgroup (lead: Jean-Charles Augereau) and locally by the Astrophysical Institute of the Jena University. Participation in the meeting is restricted to members and associates of the DUNES consortium.