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Jena is a university city with about 100,000 inhabitants (of which about 25,000 are university students), located in the central part of Germany (zoom out to get an overview), in the state of Thuringia, between Berlin (250 km), Frankfurt/Main (310 km), Leipzig (100 km), Dresden (190 km), and Munich (380 km). Jena is proud of having won the all-German competition to get the title "City of Science 2008". More information about Jena can be found at www.jena.de.

The Astrophysical Institute (AIU; letters O and T) is situated close to the town center and can be reached via the Schillergässchen. The entrance to the Schillergässchen is governed by a big red building: the theater. Entering the Schillergässchen from that direction (i.e. from north), you can find the AIU's main building (O) on the right hand side, right opposite to the Theater Café. The theory group and the laboratory group are working another 60 m down the alley (T), again on the right. In between the two buildings, a small public observatory is located. The two main railway stations are both within 5 to 10 minutes (per pedes) from the AIU. Trains from Frankfurt arrive at "Jena West" (W), trains from Berlin, Leipzig, and Munich at "Jena Paradies" (V). The well visible JenTower (I) eases the navigation within Jena.

Accommodation, meals and drinks

All hotel rates are for single rooms (with bath/shower and WC) per night and include breakfast. Most of the hotels offer special university rates. If you want to make use of them, please let us know and we will make a reservation for you. For details on individual hotels, click on the list or on the markers on the map.

A Im Sack WiFi available.
S Zur Schweiz
B Zur Noll WiFi available.
C Schwarzer Bär WiFi available.
D Ibis WiFi available.
H University guest house "Am Herrenberge" Cheap accommodation for longer stays.
F University guest house "Forstweg" Nicely located, for longer stays.

The listed cafés and restaurants are all inexpensive. In addition, there is a bunch of fast food restaurants that sell and serve everything from kebap to pizza.

B Zur Noll German and Thuringian cuisine
J Ratszeise "
Alt Jena "
Kartoffelhaus cooked potatoes, baked potatoes, fried potatoes,
chipped potatoes, sliced potatoes, ...
Taj of India dishes from ... uh, sorry, I forgot the country's name
K Il Ponte italian restaurant
M Black Bean A coffee shop.
N McDonald's some like it, some don't
X Bagels & Beans A coffee shop.
Q Café Stilbruch café/restaurant
Cheers burgers, steaks, tortillas, ...
Y Bauersfeld café/restaurant/bar, dominated by style elements from the 20s, located right next to Jena's planetarium.


By car: If you plan to go by car, consult route planners (e.g. Google Maps) and contact us: we will arrange a free parking space.

By train: You can check available connections with Deutsche Bahn (English version). Contact us in case of problems. For details on specific connections from the airports, see below.
It is advisable to make a seat reservation if you travel with an ICE, especially on Fridays and Sundays. If you travel with an ICE and you have reserved a seat, you can find a scheme (Wagenstandanzeiger) with the passenger cars' stopping positions at each platform. Deutsche Bahn offers cheaper tickets for people who book very early (called Sparangebote). However, these tickets are valid only for one specific train. If you miss this train due to a delayed flight, the ticket is worthless and you will have to buy a new one at the station.

By train from Frankfurt Airport: The train (an ICE) from Frankfurt to Jena goes every hour (departures from 5:30 am. to 9 pm.) and takes about three and a half hours. The official name of the station for departure is Frankfurt(M) Flughafen Fernbf. If you arrive at terminal 2, you will have to take a free shuttle bus at the airport to get there. Unfortunately, the train does not go directly to Jena so you have to change in Erfurt (and sometimes Frankfurt(M) Hbf). Leave the train at Jena West.

By train from Munich Airport: You first have to take the city train (S 8) to the central station (München Hbf). Then, you have to go from the underground platforms for city trains and trams to the platforms for long-range trains. There, an ICE departs at least once an hour reaching Jena Paradies about four and a half to five hours later. For some connection you have to change the ICE in Nürnberg.

By train from Berlin Airport: Regardless of the airport (Schönefeld or Tegel) at which you arrive, you first have to go to the main station (Berlin Hbf). Therefore, from Schönefeld you take the city train (S 9) and from Tegel you take the bus (TXL), taking about 40 and 20 minutes, respectively. Departing from the main station's lowest level, typically track 1 or 2, an ICE directly reaches Jena Paradies. This part of your travel will last about two hours. Alternatively, you can use one of the direct long-distance bus connections between Jena and Berlin (see, e.g., here), which depart from the main bus stations of both cities and take 3 to 4 hours.

By train from Leipzig/Halle Airport: At least twice an hour, a train from Leipzig/Halle Flughafen departs in the direction of Jena. There are several possible routes, all of which take you through either Leipzig main station (Leipzig Hbf) or Halle main station (Halle(Saale) Hbf). From there, both connections with and without a second change of trains are possible. The total duration is 80 to 120 minutes.