New optical constants of forsterite

Complex refractive index of forsterite for temperatures 50K (brown) 75K, 100K, 150K, 200K, 295K (black) for the three crystallographic axes a, b, and c. The data are based on new transmission measurements of a 1 cm thick crystal (Mutschke & Mohr, 2019) and modified literature data, originally by Suto et al. (2006), Zeidler et al. (2011), and Huffman & Stapp (1973). Details will be published in a forthcoming paper.

Data tables (3-column, ASCII): λ(µm), n, k
fors_a_50_nk.dat fors_b_50_nk.dat fors_c_50_nk.dat
fors_a_75_nk.dat fors_b_75_nk.dat fors_c_75_nk.dat
fors_a_100_nk.dat fors_b_100_nk.dat fors_c_100_nk.dat
fors_a_150_nk.dat fors_b_150_nk.dat fors_c_150_nk.dat
fors_a_200_nk.dat fors_b_200_nk.dat fors_c_200_nk.dat
fors_a_295_nk.dat fors_b_295_nk.dat fors_c_295_nk.dat