Updates to GQ Lup and its sub-stellar companion

discovery paper by Neuhäuser et al.,

in 2005, A&A 345, L13
link: "Evidence for a co-moving sub-stellar companion to GQ Lup"

theory papers of the formation on the companion:

2005, ApJ 637, L137
link: "On the Formation of Gas Giant Planets on Wide Orbits" and
Debes & Sigurdsson,
2005, A&A 451 , 351
link:"The Origins of the Substellar Companion to GQ Lupi"

additional early detection by ESO 3.6m ComeOn+ by:

Janson et al.,
2006, A&A 453, 609
(confirms common proper motion between star and companion)
"Early ComeOn+ adaptive optics observation of GQ Lupi and its substellar companion"

McElwain et al. follow-up observations:

McElwain et al.
2007, ApJ 656, 505
(companion has M6-L0, 10 to 40 Jup masses)
link: "First High-Contrast Science with an Integral Field Spectrograph: the Sub-Stellar Companion to GQ Lup"

Marois et al. re-analysis:

Marois et al.,
2007, ApJ 654, L151
(companion has T=2335 \pm 100 K, radius of 0.38 \pm 0.05 Jup radii, and 10 to 20 Jup mass, i.e. brown dwarf or planetary mass object)
link: "GQ Lup Ab Visible and Near-Infrared Photometric Analysis"

Seifahrt et al. high-resolution spectra:

Seifahrt et al.,
2007, A&A 463, 309
(T=2600 \pm 100 K, log g = 3.7 \pm 0.5, ~3.5 Jup radii, 4 to 36 Jup masses)
link:"Near-IR integral-field spectroscopy of the companion to GQ Lup"

Neuhäuser et al. more imaging:

Neuhäuser et al.,
2008, A&A 484, 281
(evidence for orbital motion and same distance, ~150 pc, for both star and companion, companion mass below 36 Jup masses)
link: "Astrometric and photometric monitoring of GQ Lup and its sub-stellar companion"

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