Database of Optical Constants for Cosmic Dust

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Note: Users of these data are kindly asked to cite the original papers. Links to the literature can be found in the header of each class of materials. Thank you. H.M. 23/08/06


Optical Constants of Carbides:

Amorphous SiC (data by D. Clément): (Mutschke et al. 1999)

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All n-k-Data tables consist of three columns. The first one contains the wavelength in micron (in the case of the Mg/Fe sulfides centimeter). The second one is the real part of the complex refractive index (n), the third one is the imaginary part (k). Values in brackets given after the chemical formulae are the material densities (if available).

For the details of the derivation of all n-k-Data I refer to the mentioned publications (see the List of Publications).

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