LogN-LogS simulation


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Net-PSICoNS - is a web tool to perform population synthesis of close-by isolated cooling neutron stars (NSs). The tool is described in Boldin et al. 2010, AN. It is based on the population model by Popov et al. 2010, MNRAS 401, 2675.

Users can upload their sets of cooling curves for different NS masses, specify mass values and corresponding radii, and run the code for a chosen number of tracks. The output includes the Log N - Log S distribution compared with the data observed by the ROSAT. Comparison of the calculated and observed Log N - Log S distributions can be used as an additional test of cooling curves (see Popov et al. 2006).
In addition we provide age and distance distributions of the calculated sources for three ranges of ROSAT counts. The mass spectrum used in the calculations (specified by the user, or the default one) is shown as a graph for clarity. The user can download all data files with these results, and some additional data (for example, the sky distribution of sources with ROSAT count rates above 0.05 in galactic coordinates).

The typical time of calculations is about a few minutes depending on the number of simulations and on how busy the computer is.

A demo-version shows several examples of runs for different sets of cooling curves (can be chosen by the user from a menu).

If you use this tool in your work, please refer to: Boldin et al. 2010, AN.

In case of problems please contact us (nina(at)astro.uni-jena.de).
If the process does not start please try again later.

Code: S. Popov (SAI MSU), P. Boldin (MEPhI), B. Posselt (CfA-Harvard)
Created: N. Tetzlaff (AIU Jena), 2008-10-20 — Last mod.: N. Tetzlaff, 2017-12-15