Curriculum vitae

Dr. Cornelia Jäger



Student of chemistry at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena



Occupational career:


Scientist in the research and development department in the company ''Jenaer Glaswerk GmbH''
Development of highly UV-transmitting optical glasses


Scientific coworker in the ''Institute of organic and macromolecular chemistry'' at the FSU Jena
Synthesis of organic cellulose derivates


Chemistry technician in the Max Planck Society, working group ''Dust in star-forming regions''
Production and analysis of amorphous Mg-Fe-silicates (pyroxene and olivine composition)


PhD student in the Max Planck Society working group ''Dust in star-forming regions''
PHD thesis on ''Experimental investigations to the carbon component of the cosmic dust''


Scientist in the Laboratory Astrophysics Group at the ''Astrophysical Institute and University Observatory''


Preparation of amorphous silicates with varying MgO/SiO2  ratios by using the sol-gel technique and spectral characterization of the cosmic dust analogs and derivation of optical constants (UV-FIR)
(DFG Schwerpunktprogramm ''Physics of star formation'')

Study of the spectral properties of crystalline silicates with pyroxene and olivine composition

Study of the processing of amorphous and crystalline silicates by thermal annealing and ion irradiation


Gas-phase condensation of carbonaceous nanoparticles and their structural characterization (DFG research group "Laboratory astrophysics" TP8)

Co-condensation of carbonaceous and carbide nanoparticles (SiC, TiC and Fe3C)
Characterization of the structural and spectral properties of the carbonaceous condensates produced by laser ablation and laser pyrolysis by HRTEM,  EELS, chromatographic methods, and spectroscopy from the FUV to the MIR

Since 2006

Scientist in the Laboratory astrophysics and Cluster group at the ''Institute of Solid State Physics''


Gas-phase synthesis and spectroscopic characterization of astrophysically relevant polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (DFG Project)

Study of the condensation process of carbonaceous grains in gas-phase condensation processes at different temperatures

Analytical and spectral characterization of the condensates (solid and soluble component)

Chemical separation of  astrophysically relevant compounds for gas-phase spectroscopy in the UV/VIS range

Special Skills

Structural analysis of solids by using HRTEM, EDX, Electron-energy-loss-spectroscopy, FUV/UV/VIS and IR spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy, NMR, High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), GC/MS