A very young object close to IRAS 07029-1215 (UYSO1)
J.Forbrich, B. Posselt, K.Schreyer, R.Klein, Th.Henning (MPIA)

UYSO1 (Forbrich J.) nearby IRAS 07029-1215 is one example of a comperhensive mm/sub mm survey of massive star-forming regions (B. Posselt, Dipolma thesis, University Jena). A bipolar high-velocity and massive outflow powered by a very deeply embedded source without any NIR/MIR/FIR counterpart point to a very young stellar object as the originating source. More details, you will see in Forbrich J., Posselt B., Schreyer K., Henning Th., Extremely young stellar object near IRAS 07029-1215, 2002, Astrophys. Jounal Letter, in prep.