AIU observatory in Großschwabhausen (GSH) near Jena
(on front cover of June 2009 issue of Astronomische Nachrichten)
(Photo Mugrauer / FSU)
Optical spectra of all three stars of the triple star 40 Eri taken with the GSH fiber spectrograph on 90-cm-telescope
(Mugrauer and Avila in AN June 2009 issue)
BVR color composite of Orion nebula (bottom) with young star Par 1724 (marked) taken with the GSH CTK CCD camera
(Neuhäuser et al. in AN June 2009 issue)
Transit light curve of transiting planet TrES-2 obtained on 13 Oct 2007 with the GSH CTK CCD camera. We plot brightness of star (as relative flux) versus observing time (as Julian Date), the transit started at time 0.48d and ended at 0.56d, i.e. lasted 0.08d (almost 2 hours), the transit depth is about 1.5% only.
(Rätz et al. in AN June 2009 issue)
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