top left:
2MASS JHK-band color composite image with classical T Tauri star [MR81] H-alpha 17 in Corona Australis (2 Myrs, 130 pc) in the center (North up, East left).
ESO VLT/ISAAC JHK-band color composite image of immediate area around [MR81] H-alpha 17 showing the strong outflow leaving the star towards the south.
bottom right:
ESO VLT/NACO JHK-band color composite of a small area just with [MR81] H-alpha 17, which is a binary star with components NE (top left) and SW (bottom right). The light from the fainter, but more massive NE component (early M type) is mostly absorbed by a small dark lane just barely visible (direction NE to SW), so that we see only reflected light from that star. The dark lane is an edge-on circumstellar disk, in which possibly planets can form right now.
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