Reviews in Modern Astronomy 9

Positions, Motions, and Cosmic Evolution

Edited by Reinhard E. Schielicke on behalf of the Astronomische Gesellschaft, 1996.
X+339 pages / 107 figures / Hard cover / ISBN 3-9805176-9-1

The yearbook series Reviews in Modern Astronomy of the Astronomische Gesellschaft (AG) was established in 1988 in order to bring the scientific events of the meetings of the society to the attention of the worldwide astronomical community.
Reviews in Modern Astronomy is devoted exclusively to the invited Reviews, the Karl Schwarzschild Lectures, the Ludwig Biermann Award Lectures, and the highlight contributions from leading scientists reporting on recent progress and scientific achievements at their respective research institutes.

Volume 9 continues the yearbook series with 16 contributions which were presented during the International Scientific Conference of the AG on "Positions, Motions, and Cosmic Evolution" at Bonn from September 18 to 23, 1995.


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