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Al2TiO5 (Tialite)

>Basic Information
Basic Information
Classification: Crystalline (Tialite) Size: < 2 μm
Chemical Formula: Al2TiO5 Shape: Irregular with very sharp edges
Product Info: Alfa Aesar Density: 3.53 g/cm3 [1]
Preparation: Milling Melting Point: 2133 K [2]

[1] Woignier,T., Lespade, P., Phalippou, J., and Rogier, R. 1988, Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, 100, pp.325-329
[2] Jianu, A., Stanciu, L., Groza, J.R., Lathe, Ch., and Burel, E. 2003, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B, 199, pp.44-48
Plot: Relative Intensity vs. wavelenght | Red: CsI, Black: Aerosol | Measurement by: Akemi Tamanai
> 1000px x 652px | > 2000px x 1305px
TEM: Magnification 3K
> 400px x 400px | > 800px x 800px
SEM: Magnification 15K
> 571px x 400px | > 1142px x 800px
SEM: Magnification 20K
> 579px x 400px | > 1159px x 800px
SEM: Magnification 40K
> 571px x 400px | > 1142px x 800px
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