Database of Optical Constants for Cosmic Dust

Laboratory Astrophysics Group of the AIU Jena

Note: Users of these data are kindly asked to cite the original papers. Links to the literature can be found in the header of each class of materials. Thank you. H.M. 23/08/06


The database is divided into the following pages :

The database consists of tabulated data which generally contain three columns: (1) wavelength or wavenumber, (2) Real part of the refractive index "n", (3) Imaginary part of the refractive index "k". Additionally, the database now contains plots of these quantities together with a plot of a calculated absorption cross section for small (Rayleigh limit) spherical particles of the respective material. If no other information is given, the data have been obtained from spectroscopic measurements on polished surfaces or thin sections of the materials, often by applying Kramers-Kronig or oscillator-fit procedures. For the details of the derivation of the data we refer to the original publications, which are also indicated in the headers for each group of materials. If available, densities of synthetic materials are given in brackets after the chemical formulae of the materials.

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