Astrophysikalisches Kolloquium

Prof. Dr. Alexander Krivov (AIU),
Prof. Dr. Ralph Neuhäuser (AIU)
und Prof. Dr. Artie Hatzes (TLS)

Ort: Mi 16-18h, Kleiner Hörsaal Biologie, Erbertstraße


18. Juli 2012, 16:00 Uhr

Dr. Mark Booth
(NRC Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics, Canada)
 "Results from the Herschel/DEBRIS Survey"


11. Juli 2012, 16:30 Uhr

Dr. Manami Sasaki
(Uni Tübingen)
 " X-ray studies of supernova remnants"


04. Juli 2012, 16:30 Uhr

Prof. Stefan Dreizler
(Uni Göttingen )
 "Extrasolare Planeten und ihre Zentralsterne - Planeten in Doppelsternsystemen "


09. Mai 2012, 16:30 Uhr

Prof. Andrzej Niedzielski
 (U Torun)
 "Planets around evolved stars"

On their way from the Main Sequence (MS) to stellar remnant all isolated stars, as well as their planetary systems, pass a sequence of evolutionary stages. The quiet MS stellar evolution influences a planetary system very little and its architecture is disturbed mainly by planet-planet interactions. In the giant stage the growing stellar radius influences directly the inner planetary system through tidal interactions and engulfment, and, in turn, may change the structure of the outer one. The fast stellar mass-loss additionally loosens the gravitational interactions. Later stellar evolution, sometimes very violent, affects substantially the structure of planetary systems again. In the case of planetary systems nested in stellar binaries or more complicated systems their structure is additionally affected by both dynamical interactions with and evolution of the complementary stars. The population of planets orbiting evolutionary advanced stars is not large. We know of several planetary systems around stellar remnants, though. These individual objects show, that planets may either pass all stages of stellar evolution or form again from the matter ejected from stars in turn of their evolution. As the most numerous is the population of known, slightly evolved sub-giants and giants with planets I will discuss these objects in more detail and present the Pennsylvania - Torun Planet Search.



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