Key events in the history of astronomy:


  • Fri, 13 Nov: The Almagest, Ptolemy‘s astronomy text book (2nd cent.)
  • Fri, 27 Nov: Introduction to traditional Chinese astronomy
  • Fri, 11 Dec: Carolingian Renaissance of astronomy (AD 760-845)
  • Fri, 8 Jan: What happened in AD 775? Strong radiocarbon variation –
    solar flare, supernova, gamma-ray burst ... ?
  • Fri, 22 Jan: The Galactic supernovae in AD 1006 and 1054
  • Fri, 5 Feb: A long way to the heliocentric world view (Aristarchos, Macrobius,
    Abu Mashar, Copernicus, Brahe, Marius, Galileo, Kepler, Newton)


Sobald verfügbar: Mehr Infos und Links zu den Talks der Studierenden/As soon as available: more information and links to the student talks

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