New rotation period for neutron star RXJ0720: 16.78 sec

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 Our neutron star model with the three relevant angles    X-ray spectra from XMM-Newton for five different time intervals
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Phase-folded light curve for the new rotation period
of 16.78 sec for four different energy bands

  Period vs. period derivative with old and new values for RXJ0720
(black and green square), details

- RXJ0720 is one of the brightest and best studied X-ray neutron stars
- New rotation period is 16.78 sec (previous: 8.39 sec)
- Gravitational redshift z = 0.205
- Compactness M / R = 0.105 (with mass M in solar masses, radius R in km)
- published in Hambaryan, Suleimanov, Haberl, Schwope, Neuhäuser, Hohle, Werner

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