Publikationen 2017 (Publications 2017)

Beiträge in referierten Zeitschriften
(Papers in reviewed journals)

  1. Bischoff, R., Mugrauer, M., Zehe, T., Wöckel, D., Pannicke, A., Lux, O., Wagner, D., Heyne, T., Adam, C. and Neuhäuser, R. (2017): Radial velocity measurements and orbit determination of eight single-lined spectroscopic binary systems. Astron. Nachr. 338, 671–679. Online:

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  11. Kitze, M., Akopian, A.A., Hambaryan, V., Torres, G. and Neuhäuser, R. (2017): KIC011764567: An evolved Kepler-star showing substantial flare activity. Astron. Nachr. 338, 49–55. Online:

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Nicht-referierte Beiträge
(Contributed papers / Others)

  1. Fazio, A., Matthäus, G., Harries, D., Mutschke, H., Nolte, S. and Langenhorst, F. (2017): Reproducing space weathering of olivine by using high-energy femtosecond laser pulses. In: Frontiers in Ultrafast Optics: Biomedical, Scientific, and Industrial Applications XVII (Heisterkamp, A., Herman, P. R., Meunier, M. and Osellame, R., eds.). SPIE Proceedings 10094, 100941D. SPIE. San Francisco, CA, USA. 17 February 2017. Online:

  2. Hambaryan, V. and Neuhäuser, R. (2017): On the Variability of the Isolated Neutron Star RX J0720.4-3125. Astron. Soc. Pac. Conf. Ser. 511, 51. Online:

  3. Irrgang, A., De Cat, P., Tkachenko, A., Deshpande, A., Moehler, S., Mugrauer, M. and Janousch, D. (2017): The evolved slowly pulsating B star 18 Peg: A testbed for upper main sequence stellar evolution. In: Second BRITE-Constellation Science Conference: Small satellites—big science. PTA Proceedings 5, 145. Innsbruck, Austria. 22–26 August 2016. Online:

  4. Neuhäuser, D. and Neuhäuser, R. (2017): Historical halo displays as past weather indicator. In: EGU2017. Geophysical Research Abstracts 19, 7336. EGU General Assembly 2017. Vienna, Austria. 23-28 April 2017. Online:

  5. Neuhäuser, R. and Neuhäuser, D. (2017): Solar activity as driver for the Dark Age Grand Solar Minimum. In: EGU2017. Geophysical Research Abstracts 19, 7224. EGU General Assembly 2017. Vienna, Austria. 23-28 April 2017. Online:

  6. Neuhäuser, R. and Neuhäuser, D.L. (2017): Aurorae In The Deep Phase of the Maunder Minimum?. In: Space Weather of the Heliosphere. Processes and Forecasts. Book of Abstracts. IAU Symposium 335. Exeter, UK. July 17–21, 2017. Online:

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