Publikationen 2019 (Publications 2019)

Beiträge in referierten Zeitschriften
(Papers in reviewed journals)

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Nicht-referierte Beiträge
(Contributed papers / Others)

  1. Gaspar, A., Apai, D., Augereau, J.-C., Ballering, N.P., Beichman, C.A., Boccaletti, A., Booth, M., Bowler, B.P., Bryden, G., Chen, C.H., Currie, T., Danchi, W.C., Debes, J., Defrère, D., Ertel, S., Jackson, A.P., Kalas, P.G., Kennedy, G.M., Kenworthy, M.A., Kim, Jinyoung Serena Kirchschlager, Florian, Kral, Q., Krijt, S., Krivov, A.V., Kuchner, M.J., Leisenring, J.M., Löhne, T., Lyra, W., MacGregor, M.A., Matrà, L., Mawet, D., Mennesson, B., Meshkat, T., Moro-Martín, A., Nesvold, E.R., Rieke, G.H., Roberge, A., Schneider, G., Shannon, A., Stark, C.C., Su, K.Y.L., Thébault, P., Wilner, D.J., Wyatt, M.C., Ygouf, M. and Youdin, A.N. (2019): Modeling Debris Disk Evolution. In: Astro2020: Decadal Survey on Astronomy and Astrophysics. Bulletin of the AAS 51, no. 69. Online:

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  7. Pawellek, N., Moór, A., Pascucci, I. and Krivov, A. (2019): Dust Spreading in Debris Discs: Do Small Grains Cling on to Their Birth Environment?. Bulletin of the AAS 51, No. 6. Online:

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