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Massive runaway star found in a supernova remnant
points to a supernova 30,000 years ago

Dincel, Neuhäuser et al. 2015 MNRAS

F41 S147 50 2  F41 S147 RunawayPSR Zoom 50 2
 This H-alpha image (obtained at the 90-cm telescope of the University Observatory Jena) shows the supernova remnant S147. Both the massive early B-type star HD 37424 (yellow circle) and the neutron star pulsar PSR J0538+2817 (green cross) move away from the geometric center (cyan cross). Given their velocity vectors (yellow), they were both at the geometric center some 30,000 years ago (distance 1.3 kpc). This pair is the first such case found. This points to a supernova in a binary star at that time forming both the pulsar and the runaway star - the latter was the previous companion of the supernova progenitor. The supernova should have been very bright.

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