Talks of
workshop on "Young Planetary Systems"


15-17 November 2010

Monday - Wednesday Nov 15-17 in Hotel Schwarzer Bär, Jena center
(each talk includes 5 min for questions)
Monday 15 November 2010
Monday morning: Observing Planetary Systems
09:00h Welcome
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Ralph Neuhäuser
09:15h Direct imaging of exo-planets Ralph Neuhäuser (AIU Jena)
09:30h Experiences with NICI, the high-contrast coronographic imager of GEMINI observatory Aglae Kellerer (IfA Hawaii)
09:45h Radial velocity planet searches Andrzej Niedzielski (Torun)
10:15h Broadening-function technique - new tool in the RV search of exoplanets Theo Pribulla (AIU Jena)
11:00h Extrasolar Transiting Planets: Detection and False Positive Rejection Guillermo Torres (CfA Harvard)
11:30h Debris disks observed with Herschel Alexander Krivov (AIU Jena)
12:00h The architecture of planetary systems like HR 8799 and eps Eri Martin Reidemeister (AIU Jena)
12:15h Radial velocity stability of red giants Grzegorz Nowak (Torun)
Monday afternoon: Planetary interior and Interferometry
14:00h Interior of Giant Planets Ronald Redmer (Rostock)
14:25h Transiting planets and the Love number Ulrike Kramm (Rostock)
14:50h Interior models for GJ1214b Nadine Nettelmann (Rostock)
15:05h Astrometric planet detection Tristan Röll (AIU Jena)
15:20h AMBER overview Fabien Malbet (Grenoble)
15:45h Mammut for ESO VLT UTs and VLTI Stefano Minardi (IAP Jena)
Tuesday 16 November 2010
Tuesday morning: Transit Timing Variations and Telescope Network
09:00h Transit Timing Variations of Wasp-3 and -10 Gracjan Maciejewski (AIU Jena)
09:30h The dynamics of the transiting planetary system WASP-3 Florian Freistetter (Heidelberg)
09:45h Torun Center for Astrophysics Observatory Toma Tomov (Torun)
10:00h Possibilities for observations of exoplanets in Bulgaria Dinko Dimitrov (Sofia)
10:15h Observational astronomy at the Astronomical Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences (Slovakia) Martin Vanko (Tatranska Lomnica)
11:00h Introduction of instruments in Gunma Astronomical Observatory and transit observation at GAO Kengo Tachihara (NAOJ, Japan)
11:15h Cosmic Variability Studies in Taiwan Wen-Ping Chen (Taiwan)
11:30h Transit Observations from the Peter van de Kamp Observatory (Swarthmore, PA, USA) Eric Jensen (Swathmore, USA)
11:45h Planet projects at the new Wendelstein 2m telescope Johannes Koppenhöfer (München)
13:00h Observational astrophysics at the Venezuela National Observatory Cesar Briceno (Merida, Venezuela)
13:15h Robotic optical and infrared monitoring projects in the southern hemisphere Rolf Chini (Uni Bochum and OCA)
13:30h Byurakan Observatory in Armenia Tigran Movessian (Byurakan):
13:45h BEST-1 at OHP and BEST-2 at OCA Anders Erikson (DLR Berlin)
14:00h Astrometric, Photometric, and Spectroscopic Observations of Trumpler 37 in the 1980's and early 1990's Larry Marschall (Gettysburg)
14:15h STELLA Klaus Strassmeier (AIP Potsdam)
14:30h STELLA Open Cluster Survey Daniel Fügner (AIP Potsdam)
14:45h Transit Doppler Imaging Matthias Müller (AIP Potsdam)
15:00h The University Observatory Jena - Technical and Scientific Projects 2006 - 2010 Markus Mugrauer (AIU Jena)
Wednesday 17 November 2010
Wednesday morning: Session 1 - Space observations
09:00h High precision astrometric mission for the detection of terrestrial planets in the Habitable Zone of FGK stars Fabien Malbet (LAOG Grenoble)
09:15h Transit search from space with CoRoT and PLATO Heike Rauer (DLR Berlin)
09:45h The Kepler Mission: Overview and Results Guillermo Torres (CfA Harvard)
Wednesday morning: Session 2 - Young Extra-solar planet Transit Initiative (=YETI)
10:45h Observations of Tr-37 in China Zhou Xu (China)
11:00h Overview of YETI project Ralph Neuhäuser (AIU Jena)
11:15h Variable stars in Truempler-37 and follow-up of the first transit candidate Ronny Errmann (AIU Jena)
11:45h Abruptive Variability of Young Stars Seline Chia-Ling Hu (Taiwan)
12:00h The 25 Ori cluster Cesar Briceno (Merida, Venezuela)
12:15h 25 Ori monitoring - first results Stefanie Rätz (AIU Jena)
Wednesday afternoon: Young Extra-solar planet Transit Initiative (cont'd)
14:00h Round-table discussion on YETI and TTV projects (possibly with signature of MoU)
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