Reviews in Modern Astronomy 17

Edited by Reinhard E. Schielicke on behalf of the Astronomische Gesellschaft.
X+314 pages. Weinheim: Wiley-VCH, 2003. ISBN 3-527-40476-7

The yearbook series Reviews in Modern Astronomy of the Astronomische Gesellschaft (AG) was established in 1988 in order to bring the scientific events of the meetings of the society to the attention of the worldwide astronomical community.
Reviews in Modern Astronomy is devoted exclusively to the invited Reviews, the Karl Schwarzschild Lectures, the Ludwig Biermann Award Lectures, and the Highlight contributions from leading scientists reporting on recent progress and scientific achievements at their respective research institutes.

Volume 17 continues the yearbook series with 13 contributions which were presented during the International Scientific Conference of the AG on "The Sun and Planetary Systems - Paradigms for the Universe" at Freiburg i.Br. from September 15 to 20, 2003.


  • Karl Schwarzschild Lecture:
    What Hyades F Stars tell us about Heating Mechanisms in the outer Stellar Atmospheres
    By Erika Boehm-Vitense

  • Ludwig Biermann Award Lecture:
    Sunspots as seen in Polarized Light
    By Luis R. Bellot Rubio

  • Helioseismology
    By Michael Stix

  • Simulating Radiative Magneto-convection in the Solar Photosphere
    By Alexander Vögler

  • Structure and Dynamics of the Low Corona of the Sun
    By Hardi Peter

  • Jupiter's Dust Disk - An Astrophysical Laboratory
    By Harald Krüger

  • Planet Formation - Is the Solar System misleading?
    By Günther Wuchterl

  • Experimental Studies on the Dusty History of the Solar System
    By Torsten Poppe

  • High-resolution X-ray Plasma Diagnostics of Stellar Coronae in the XMM-Newton and Chandra Era
    By Jan-Uwe Ness

  • omega Cen - an Ultra Compact Dwarf Galaxy?
    By Mike Fellhauer

  • Cosmology with Supernovae
    By Bruno Leibundgut

  • Interferometric Imaging in Astronomy: A Personal Retrospective
    By Jacques M. Beckers

  • The New World of Scattering Physics Seen by High-precision Imaging Polarimetry
    By Jan O. Stenflo

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